We will help you to choose your hair color type based on your desired results and how long you want your color to last. Different hair color types can give you different outcomes.



If you’re looking to brighten up your look with some highlights

no matter which technique you get: “It takes 72 hours for the cuticle of your hair to close after its been opened during a coloring process, so try to wait that long before shampooing. You can rinse and condition your hair, but don’t wash it with shampoo. Use a dry shampoo if needed. This is especially important for redheads



 Lowlights can do wonders for a hair color. If you love the look of highlighting, but don’t want a dramatic look, lowlights are the way to go. Low lighting consists of taking thin to thick strands of hair and darkening them at least 2 shades darker than the rest of your hair. We recommend adding lowlights every third time you get your hair highlighted. This will help blend your highlights with your natural hair color



Color Correction applies to- At home box dye “accidents” and for those who simply have a change of heart in hair color.

There are several ways to “Correct” hair color. We must first determine what you have then look at where you want to be. With this, we can better understand the safest path to take with your hair.

Hair color correction is a process that must be performed by us professional hair stylist. It is designed to correct a hair color service that turned out to be a disaster.